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What should I do?! First-time seller help needed!

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Hi guys! What does this mean? Did I do something wrong? Any help will be appreciated! Sorry for the crappy cut&paste-look of this thread!





3:17 PM (1 hour ago)







to me





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Hello Jasper,


This is to inform you that your Debit Order for your Seller Registration on bidorbuy.co.za was unsuccessful. Either you entered an incorrect branch code, account number or possibly there were insufficient funds in the account.

Should you still wish to sell on bidorbuy.co.za you will have to re-register as a Seller (you can choose either Credit Card or Bank Debit Order as your payment method).

This does not affect your ability to bid or buy - only your status as a Seller.


If you have feedback or need help, please contact us or call us on 0861 88 0861.


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TS Ron

You have not paid your fee in order to start selling on bidorbuy! As there seem so be an error made by you with the account numbers etc supplied contact the bidorbuy team they are extremely helpful. It only affects you selling.

Edited by TS Ron

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