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A little Numismatic Prowling and Research pays off ...

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I found the following coin in a junk box but could not identify it immediately ...




The obverse shows a holy figure of Jesuss with a halo and surrounded by an oval line of beads on both sides.

I recognise that figure as I collected European gold coins many years ago and it has much in common with that of the gold Venetian Sequin (ducat) as can be seen on the following picture – look at the obverse (on the right hand side)


It is practically the same figure of a haloed Jesuss with the beaded oval line on both sides.

I then did a Google search on late medieval Venetian hammered coins and immediately found what I was looking for – see following two pictures of a similar coin than mine


Here is my coin again for comparison


The coin is described as follows...

Medieval Venice. Francesco Contarini, 1623-1624 AD. Copper 12-denarii soldino. Doge kneeling left, holding tall cross/staff, facing nimbate winged lion holding Gospels open with paw. "12" below. S.M.V.FRANC.CONT around / Christt standing, nimbate and robed, with hand held in benediction, +DEFENS NOSTER+ around. 22 mm



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