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Lesotho - have there been any new issues from Maseru?

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I'm a serious collector of the stamps of Basutoland/Lesotho. Of late I have seen very few new issues coming from that country. I had a stamp collector friend in Lesotho but he moved to SA and I have lost contact. Other attempts at obtaining information on new issues have been unsuccessful. Writing to the Philatelic Bureau results only in a return envelope of stamp bulletins of (older) issues.


I saw some souvenir sheets from 2009 and a World Cup sheet last year. Other than that I have not seen any new issues coming from Lesotho in the last few years. Also - Lesotho is still using the same definitive stamps that were issued in 1998. This all seems pretty inconsistent with its prior history of large numbers of issues each year.


Does anyone know what has been happening there in regards to their stamp issuing policy or can anyone steer me in the right direction to find this out? Any information would be appreciated.




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