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Jacques Kuun

The year that was...

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Jacques Kuun

Hello ALL


I joined BidorBuy on 20th of February this year and what a year it was!


A learning curve beyond my wildest imagination. Some super prices obtained on auction and some extremely disappointing results as well! No truer example of having to take the very bad with the good. I am sure KennyN, Seahorsefanatic and Gabriel1 sometimes meet secretly behind my back just to have a good laugh at me.


But the most surprising aspect to me was the number of people still actively involved in our hobby. We all have heard the old story: stamp collecting is dying. Nothing could be further from the truth.


Very refreshing is the fact that a very high number of collectors are selling as well. I have always believed that to truly understand the market you have to do both. The hobby needs sellers as much as it needs buyers.


To all my old friends and NEW FRIENDS and to the staff of BidorBuy I wish a very blessed Christmas and a really prosperous 2009.


And thanks for the wonderful support during the past 10 months.


Tomorrow night I will braai some Snoek on the beach.





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