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Hard Drive Shortages Expected Thaliland Floods

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I have received the following message from one of my suppliers as follows:


The HDD industry never encounters such a natural disaster in its history. Earthquakes in Japan had a minor effect compared to what's happening in Thailand”


All HDD manufacturers - but Samsung - and a lot of components' makers are affected and it's also a drama for their hundreds of thousands of employees. 25% of all HDD assembly facilities are located in Thailand.


WD, with both plants about 27 miles North of Bangkok and 37,000 workers, is especially hurted, but also Seagate (significant supply chain disruption), Toshiba (HDD assembly), Hutchinson (suspensions for hard drives), as well as chip manufacturers ON Semiconductor (power transistors for disk head positioners) and Microsemi (converters). And we have no news of Asahi Glass and Hoya in disk media manufacturing, as well as Minebea in motors for HDDs.


This is the Reason why prices on all HDD have gone up and why we may face stock shortages.




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