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Seller refusing to provide a tax invoice or an invoice

Seller refusing to provide a tax invoice or an invoice  

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  1. 1. Seller refusing to provide a tax invoice or an invoice

    • Must the buyer be blacklisted
    • Should Bid Or Buy assist buyers in this regard

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On or about 15 February 2011 I purchased a ring from seller "papaction". The valuation was not made out to me. It is made out to a Mr A Van Straten. I require a valuation for insurance purposes. I phoned the seller asking for one. He was very rude and told me to print the bid or buy order. Thereafter he put the phone down. He did it twice. I have no proof that I purchased the ring and paid for it. The order does not help me. It is not proof of purchase. I asked the seller for a tax invoice or an invoice. He refuses to give me one. I am entitled by law to receive one. He also refuses to give me anything that will constitute proof of purchase. Could you kindly intervene or assist me in obtaining proof of payment. I am advised by my lawyer that the refusal to issue me with an invoice is in contravention to the tax laws.:suspicious::mad:

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