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Troublesome Buyer

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I had an order on 23rd August paid for immediately, unfortunately RAM couriers were extremely late with the delivery or my weekly orders and I was only able to ship the parcel on 1 September. I live in the bushes it is not easy to simply pop over to the warehouse and get my stock.


The buyer was obviously upset, however I had notified him early that the shipping would be late because RAM was late with my stock for the week. Long story short I shipped the parcel on 1st September ordinary the buyer was sent tracking details, the parcel is obviously ready for collection the buyer has not collected it yet and to this day has forwarded more emails over to BoB stating that I lied about everything however proof was sent over, today he requires proof that I actually keep stock, this is easy I have already taken photos.


Now I am faced with providing Bob details of where I get my stock from, not a problem they have the right to know however this flags me as some sort of kleftiko of which I am most certainly not. I fear a black list climbing up my back for a R130 memory stick which was shipped 11 days ago and was shipped 7 days late!


Order item

Memory (RAM) - Kingmax DDR667 mobile 1GB was sold for R130.00 on 23 Aug at 15:01 by ArxValdex in Naboomspruit (ID:44245540)


All ratings received by Chucky13 on bidorbuy.co.za


Items for sale from ArxValdex on bidorbuy.co.za


As much as I tried not to I had to give this buyer a negative rating today as he went overboard with his last message.

Sorry had to be done.


Sleepless nights.....

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