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ZAR Ponden - Current Order of Scarcity

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Hello all,


I would like to update the market as to the order of scarcity of ZAR Ponden in terms of combined NGC & PCGS Pop reports. I am doing so because these figures can only be accessed by people registered with both NGC & PCGS. These details are up to date and will help collectors assess the actual scarcity of Numismatic coins


1902 Veldpond (142), 1895 Pond (153), 1892 Single Shaft Pond (168), 1893 Pond (212), 1896 Pond (219), 1897 Pond (269), 1900 Pond (272), 1892 Double Shaft Pond (425), 1898 Pond (1207) - Updated 21.09.2011


Hope this will help decisions as to pricing although possibly it is the amount of Mint State Coins in each year that has a very big influence on the market of such high grade coins.



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