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Spoorweg Feesten Zar Medal 1895

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Hi All.


Wondering if anyone has further info on these medals?

I know the basics:

- was issued by the ZAR to celebrate the official opening of the Delgoa Railway on 8-10 July 1895

- mintage of around 1000


To my knowledge there are two types:

- The date between "S" and "N"

- The date between "P" and "E"


Does anyone know if the mintage figure of 1000 is both types included or of one type only

and why there are two types? With a mintage of only 1000 i find it quite odd to

have two varieties.

Which type is the more rare variety.


Any additional info on these medals will be greatly appreciated.


I have attached photos of the one i recently acquired for those who are unfamiliar.

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