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The features of the post February 2005 South African Banknotes

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I was perusing the Wikileaks files and came across this interesting document:



On February 1, the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) issued new banknotes with improved security features. The layout and "Big Five" animal theme of each banknote remains the same. Added are the South African Coat of Arms and use of all eleven official languages. The SARB began training financial sector employees last year to prepare for banknote introduction, and initiated a public education campaign in January. This banknote change follows the introduction of the new bi-metal R5 coin in August 2004, and is the first change in banknotes since 1992. End Summary.


2. (U) On February 1, the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) issued new banknotes with enhanced security features that make it easier to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit banknotes. Current banknotes in circulation will remain legal tender as they are phased out over time.


3. (U) The new features on the banknotes include:


-- a gold band on the back of the note that reveals the denomination value and South African Coat of Arms when tilted;

-- color-changing ink on the number value for denominations at and above R50 (approximately $8);

-- large geometric shapes that differentiate the banknotes for those that have impaired vision; and

-- a hidden denomination value within the geometric shapes that can only be seen at a horizontal angle.


The SARB also improved several existing features, to include the following:


-- a denomination value added to the watermark;

-- raised printed diamond-shaped spots indicating the banknote denomination that enhances security and assists the blind;

-- a see-through registration pattern that reveals the denomination value when held up to the light;

-- unique serial numbers printed on the back of each banknote in differing colors and font size;

-- micro-sized print of "South African Reserve Bank" invisible to the naked eye; and

-- an upgraded silver security thread that becomes a solid dark line when held up to the light.


Source: The New South African Bank Notes (2005)


Just wondered if all these features were known by South African bank note collectors - a subject I have very limited knowledge of.


Kind regards


Scott Balson

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