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Fashion Police

Steadfast Sellers and Steadfast Buyers

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Fashion Police

I strongly STRONGLY believe in offering a customer the best service I possibly can. Good service is so important in keeping a good relationship with the buyer - and to treat them with respect. It's all word of mouth and also promotes BidorBuy. I've had friends, friends of friends, family, and even friends and colleagues of buyers joining BidorBuy with some actually buying from me and some from other sellers. These were all just referrals; this is where 'word of mouth' applies.


Yes, it is possible to respond to a buyer and confirming an order and/or payment within a couple of hours or less! It's actually quite easy; the sellers receive notification emails - email accounts can very easily be linked to ANY cell phone! There's no excuse to keep a buyer hanging and wondering what's going on. It's off-putting and frustrating for a buyer to transfer their money and not hear anything from the seller for days. After all - if you're planning on becoming a seller on BidorBuy, you need to commit to it and make yourself available. Just like in any other business or job!


The same applies to buyers - if you buy something it's expected that you pay for it and in a reasonable period of time. It's just as frustrating for sellers to wait for payments to come through or to file SNC's.


So, like with a recent purchase of mine - being a good buyer, I place my order and pay IMMEDIATELY. Then email the seller the proof of payment and a form of communication IMMEDIATELY. Therefore, I expect a response from the seller SOONEST. It is so frustrating to buy something online and almost 2 days later not even receive a "Hi, thanks we got your order, will send you the tracking number whenever" ?????

I'm sorry, maybe I'm just very impatient - but this is unacceptable from sellers!

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