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Rugs & Carpets - CRAZY R1 N.R ! * Rugs to Riches * Persian Rugs Gallery * Shabby India 180cm x 120cm with Certificate was sold for R506.00 on 10 Jul at 20:16 by PtaCoinsCollectables in Pretoria / Tshwane (ID:40016449)


I won this carpet on the 10th of July and paid the same or next day. (R506.00 & R75.00 shipping) On the 30th he contacted me with this excuse:


Hi Linka - I returned from an overseas trip and to my horror found that my assistant did not post your rug off yet!


He thought it was for collection!


I am so sorry!


I am posting it off tomorrow with track no




I contacted him again on the 17th of August and he said :

For some reason the carpet was sent back to me due to no collection


This is incorrect as I explained to the post office that it was posted very recent!


The lady stated that It may have something to do with the recent strikes.


I Have now repackaged the carpet (to avoid confusion) and will post it again.


Apologies for this terrible sale - it seems that everything goes against me to get it to you!


Will update new tracking number.


Since then I have not heard from him again and no response to my e-mails.


What worries me most is that when I made my bid on this item the Seller was verified but since then he is not anymore.

Also that there were more carpets on the auction that day - I lost bids at the last moment - but there are no ratings from any of the other Buyers so far.


What am I to do? :cry: :cry: :cry:



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Looks like he is not selling any longer? i won a very expencive watch from this seller for 15k, i nearly paid but was later informed that he was ripped off..i see he sold quite a few high end watches around the same time, all discreet, lot of money involved, hope it gets sorted out.

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