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Jacques Kuun

Catalogue value a joke?

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Jacques Kuun

Hello all stamp collectors

I know that the SACC was discussed many times on this forum, but I just have to add something.

I am sitting with more than 30 of the 1972 6c 1st Definitive Control Blocks (SACC 331). They are catalogued at R300-00 each in the 2008/9 SACC. They are R130-00 in the new SACC. I have listed the A and B pane together on BoB at R80-00 for both – including free postage with tracking number. Up to now I had no takers. This is not an advertisement.….it is a case in point…..please read on……

I am searhing for 8 of the 1994 Namibian Railway Services Reprint Miniature Sheets (SACC 124a). The 2008/9 catalogue value was R35-00 each. They are R25-00 each in the new SACC.

I am also trying to buy 8 of the 1995 Namibian Fossils Foundation Sheetlets (SACC 127a). The 2008/9 catalogue value was R22-00 each. They are R15-00 each in the new SACC.

I have approached more than 10 dealers, trying to buy these items. Up to now I could find NONE! Through the BoB “Q and A” I even approached a BoB dealer who sells this type of material. I offered to pay full catalogue value (Have you ever heard of a dealer doing this?). He also had nothing!

So what is going on? The R300-00 / R130-00 item is freely available. Yet the R15-00 / R25-00 items are unobtainable. And according to the new SACC they are worth less than what they were three years ago.

Surely these sheetlets need a zero to be added to their catalogue values?

If you have any of these available, please list them on BoB and post a link. I will pay full catalogue value, but have to buy at least 5 of each in order to justify postage.

I have to admit that I have lost touch with the so-called lower priced Southern African items. Just how many of these items are in fact rare?

Any comments would be appreciated.

All of the best and regards


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