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Artemis Prime

Bikinis with matching board/surf shorts

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Artemis Prime

I'd like to buy a few sets of bikinis with matching board shorts for the summer. I keep checking the swimwear section, but there has been nothing like this from any of the sellers in over a year. I'd rather buy local than import, so I hope these can be listed on BoB soon. The fashion magazines say this style is going to be popular this summer.


Just to be clear: I need bikini sets with shorts that match in terms of colour &/or pattern. But the material/textile of the top vs the bottom must differ. The bikini tops should be the usual lycra/stretch fabric but the shorts must be real shorts (with laces or velcro fly) in rigid, board-short material (kind of like raincoat material). They should not be in that lycra/skipants material or be those full bottoms that look like "big bloomers."


I had an unfortunate transaction with a seller last year, who advertised with a picture of a bikini & board shorts, but sent me a bikini with those stretchy swimsuit bottoms instead. That is not what I want :push: Please ensure you have actual board / surf shorts which match the bikini top. By the way, I'm a size Medium, or 32/34C top & 34 bottom.


Just to help illustrate, this is what I'm looking for:


I don't mind buying them as a 3 piece (top, bikini bottom + shorts).








And this is what I don't want

(notice the different fit & the shiny lycra of the bottoms):



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