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Jacques Kuun

SWA Proofs / Namibia Proofs

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Jacques Kuun

Hello all SWA / Namibia collectors

I have just bought in a large SWA and Namibia Proof collection. Most of the SWA items were collected during the last ten years. The first Namibian Proofs came on to the market some five years ago, and I managed to obtain about 15 different issues of these as well.

I hope to list about 30 items in the next month or so. Should some of the blocks be too large for your budget, simply contact me and I will edit the listing(s) to your needs.

While there has been a tremendous demand for these proofs on BoB during the last three years, I feel that they are still underrated. Quantities are in most instances less than twenty, while in some instances only one or three of exist!

Steven Baker’s catalogue / handbook on the SWA commemorative proofs should be out this week. I will list the book as soon as I have a few copies in my possession.

Thanks and regards


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