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Stamp Errors - case in point - Admirals

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I have yet to see more admiral stamps where the KGVI bust has such a pronounced shift from center. Ive done a google search and cannot find any reference to this type of instance. I do not however believe it is classified as a "legitimate" error stamp since due to the bi color printing process of the Admirals, it was more a case of the particular page been misaligned by the printer, making it a technical error and not an actual defect in the plate or die and where a reference could be quoted.

Thus, it should have been destroyed by QC yet understandably a % are either overlooked or just border(excuse pun..hic) on allowable tolerances. I'm referring here to the acceptable situation where the entire stamp been misaligned, thereby effecting border width consistency. This we know devalues a stamp from quoted CV. However when It comes to placement/alignment within an image of a stamp, not effecting border integrity, I'm not sure the same viewpoint is upheld! This is only my assumption, hence my query !

So, on this subject of error classification I'm sure an expert contribution will be of great value to the larger philatelic community on BoB and in this instance, be well appreciated and add to my somewhat shallow knowledge on the subject... . In fact, it was approx 2 years ago that I came across the website of the Rhodesian Admirals society where amazingly these folk exchange and debate issues relating EXCLUSIVELY to this series of stamps!

Unfortunately at the time when I did investigate this specific case in point, participation in their forum required membership etc etc ---


Since I have never satisfied my ignorance, I put it out there for the pundits and hereby thank contributions in advance for the enlightenment !



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gabriel 1



Technical error or not it is still a variety and thus should be a sought after item. Anybody in this collecting field would love to have such a specimen especially for exhibit purposes.


I await expert opinion on this with anticipation.


Great post Hans




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