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Libertas Computers

Hi there guys and girls,


Please try not to spam this post, as I know it is a frustration for all of us...


I've been looking to find a certain External Hard Drive using BoB and when I got to the category (All categories -> Computers & Networking -> Drives & Storage -> Hard Drives -> External Drives) I got blasted with a lot of Internal Hard Drives.


Usually something out of place does not bother me as much, but the amount of them in the wrong category made me pretty unhappy... I came across more Internal Hard Drives than Externals...!!


I know one of them is Rampage Gaming and they use a feed, but can that please be corrected?

The other one, ElectricAntComputers is a new seller with lots of items loaded (perhaps a feed as well) in the wrong category..


It really made me frustrating and I was going to click report a problem on every single item, but I thought that in stead of spamming BoB I should just politely point it out here. I did report the first 2 I found and mentioned that it has multiple items in the wrong category as well.


Hope this can be corrected please as I'm sure that I'm not the only one getting annoyed. (What if someone buys it thinking it is an External Hard Drive)




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