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Just Beachin

Need help with link

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Just Beachin

I have been searching for days to find information on how I can insert a hyperlink on my item selling pages to link back to "all my items for sale".And my poor brain is feeling numb and a bit bruised, Would somebody be so kind as to help me with some info or direct me to the right place? Thanks in advance!!icon7.png

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Hi there JB - follow these instructions...


Go to your own BoB selling page

Click on your "own user name" - top left of the page

Click on "Items you are selling" - also top left of the page (This will bring up the page listing the items you have for sale...)

Right click or highlight the URL at the top of the screen and "copy" the URL


Go to the description of one of your items, place the cursor where you want the link to be

Type in what you want to say: e.g. CLICK HERE to see my other items

Highlight the "CLICK HERE"

Click on the "Insert/Edit Link" icon on the top line of the HTML Editor (looks like a world with a pair of binoculars at the bottom)

Paste the copy of your URL in the URL block

Click on OK


The "CLICK HERE" in your description will now have changed colour and be underlined.

Save your changes to the item


To check if it works - go and look at the item as if you were a buyer and click on the "CLICK HERE" - it should take you to all your items.


Once you know it works - open up the item you have just changed in EDIT mode and just copy the line "CLICK HERE to see my other items" and paste it into all your other items.


Good luck - let me know how you get on....



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Just Beachin

Wow! Special Thank You to Moderator Andre who was so kind as to call me and walk me through the process! I Love You Guys!!

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