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Read Before You Post!

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About posting on this forum:

Note: the bidorbuy community Chat Forum is exempt from some of the items posted below - this forum is meant for off-hours non-business related, relaxed "shooting the breeze" chats)


1. Spelling and grammar must be acceptable.


2. Break your posts into paragraphs with lines in between each paragraph.


3. Respect copyrights.


4. Post in the correct forum.


5. Use capitalisation correctly (no all caps or lack of caps).


6. No soliciting of business or contact details is allowed.


7. One-line posts typically are bad, unless what is said is best said short.


8. Use punctuation and contractions correctly (no !!!!!!!! ??????? or Ill and Im or i and i'll).


9. Post quality, not quantity.


10. Keep your posts on topic.


11. Use the search function before asking a question.


12. Argue with the post, no the poster (arguments on topic are good, but between members they are bad).


13. Do not post anything illegal, pornographic or anything questionable. It will be deleted.


14. A forum isn't IM - write words out and avoid posting many replies to yourself.- Do not go overboard with the emoticons (smilies).


15. Post links to the item/listing under discussion.


Before you hit the submit button:

  • 1. Have you used a Spell Check on your post? We offer this feature for it to get used. It is considered an insult to readers when a post is "slapped together".
    2. Have you reread your posts? Many times you will find small errors when you reread your posts. Some of these errors may involve our rules.
    3. Are you contributing? If you are posting a question, did you provide information for members to help you? If you are posting a response, do you add something else to the discussion?
    4. If you are posting a question, has it already been answered? Try using the search feature to save everyone some time.
    5. Will this post offend somebody? If it might, you should not post it.
    6. Offensive or confrontational posts can be anything from insults and flaming to profanity and graphic or explicit posts.
    7. Is this in the correct forum? We have multiple forums for a reason - they organise the discussion.
    8. Is this in the correct topic? Is what you are posting in the current line of discussion?
    9. Does your post violate any of our other rules? If it does, do not post it - it could be deleted.
    10. Do not post one-liners? "Post-whoring" is making an unneeded amount of irrelevant posts at one time.

A post not correctly set out and without due cognizance of the use of capitlisation and other protocols in the English language is considered an insult to the readers. Please tidy up your posts before hitting the "submit button".

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