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Thermionic valves / vacuum tubes

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Is there anyone keen to buy 'old' and 'new old stock' valves? I have a few boxes of the things - octals and some of the "newer" 7 and 9 pin miniatures. I probably have about 100-150. Without looking, I know that there are 6V6's EL95's EL33's ECC81's ECC82's and ECC83's as well as other rectifies and output valves. I think that R25 a valve would be fair price - postage would be about R25/30 for up to 10/15 valves.


I also have valve sockets for the valve types listed above. R10 a valve socket?


Would anyone be interested in these? Obviously all sales would go through BOB. If so, I could make up a list of all valves that are available.


I think I've posted this in the wrong section - can some please move this to antiques or electronics :)

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