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Auction - no more stock

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Hi everyone. I've just experienced something weird. I've won the auction of this: Memory (RAM) - Kingmax DDR667 mobile 2GB KSCE88_BULK was sold for R117.00 on 30 Jun at 12:01 by TacnetOnline in Pretoria / Tshwane (ID:40598888) on a Auction 3 weeks ago. Now, after sending several e-mails to this guy "TacnetOnline" he didn't reply. Now, today I sent him 2 e-mails and contacted BoB and he replied by telling me the items are all sold out. Just to get this straight, he advertised the same item as "for sale", and put the same items on auction too, so if it gets sold out and you've won it on the auction, then he refunds you. Is this ok to BoB? I don't think this is right at all to sell something that you've put on a auction, if you put something on auction then you can't sell it before the auction ends? He advertised 3 of these items, and all 3 has been sold to someone else. It costs money to make an EFT. I really think this is unfair because I've won the auction... He obviously tries to sell his things faster, but I still don't think this is right? An auction isn't supposed to be a maybe-or-maybe-not-if-it-gets-sold-out?

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