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Wild Olive Art

Stolen phones easily unblocked

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Wild Olive Art

In May my Blackberry phone was stolen. I reported it immediately and had the phone blocked on the network and disconnected the BIS, however this phone is still in use. A friend of mine added my PIN number to their BBM and what do you know , my phone is being used by somebody right here in SA !!! I put my complaint on Facebook and have had comments from many people who have experienced the same thing !

So not only has the phone been unblocked to use on SA networks , the BIS has also been unblocked .


What is the point of having cell phones blacklisted at all ? There is obviously a very active criminal element within the service provider networks that unblocks stolen phones.

I have reported this to Cell C and resubmitted the IMEI number for blacklisting again and they are investigating the case.


Here is the question then . How many second hand or so called " refurbished" phones are stolen ?? How does one know that when you buy a second hand phone , you are not buying a stolen phone. Is buying a used phone worth the risk ? I think not !

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