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douwst shopping

Creating and maintaining listings from my iPad

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douwst shopping

I just recently got my iPad and it is the first apple I work on. I am on the road and away from home alot. As a seller I have my items open all the time on my iPad waiting for that next question or possible sale. I can not upload photos from my iPad on bid or buy. I know for Facebook I had to download an application for this. The rest of the functions works like a dream and the iPad is a great mobile device for maintaining my Bid or Buy account. Any help will be great.


At this section I can't Click on the icon to browse files.


Images should be in JPEG (.jpeg,.jpg), GIF (.gif) or PNG (.png) format and limited to 3mb in size.

Large images are resized for optimal download time and its dimensions may differ from the original.


1. Click Browse to select the image file.

2. Click Upload to upload the selected file

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Unfortunately due to the technical restraints currently we cannot offer this functionality for iPads, or mobile phones for that matter. The only apps we are developing will allow iPhone/iPad/mobile phone users to bid, search, purchase etc. Creation of listings will still have to be done via a PC or laptop.


We do apologise for this.


Kind regards


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