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MmoGamer- CANT contact since payment done on 12th june for an item not yet emailed

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im not sure if its to early to be called a scam but the reason i am worried is that i cant get in contact with the mmogamer since i made

payment for an item ( Strategy - World of Warcraft - 60 Day Game Time Card [EU SERVER] was sold for R219.00 on 14 Jun at 12:01 by MmoGamer in Durban (ID:38614155) ) Order : 3871864-

payment was done on the 12 june 2011 and emailed proof of payment to him, i was told item will be emailed to me 0-1 hour

of him receiving proof of payment, to date i still have not got the item and have tried every possible way to contact him

from calling(number always off), email, sms, to visiting his site and to getting a friend to message him on his facebook link from his website.

still no luck to contact him. he does how ever have items on bidorbuy and i noticed a new item added of the same gamecard i purchased

but that offer expires at a later date, was this automatic or done by him ? as it was around the 14th and after i did payment


he has been a member since 2006 and had 100% good rating so i waited over a week now in hope that maybe he is on

a holiday or something and will get back to me but still no reply.


is there anything that you can advise i do for this case? he uses eft method and did not have bobeft, i do have proof of payment saved

if it is requested. Does bidorbuy have any other contact details for him? Can you may contact him and query the issue if not allowed to give other contact details of the seller. When will it be safe to be called a scam etc as the item is supposed to be emailed only and not posted, how long should i wait for an item thats supposed have been emailed? should i just buy it from some one else and request a refund from him if i ever do get in contact with him?


if it is a scam for any reason what should be my next step?


thank you for your time.



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Hi aslam85,


The seller did not log into his account since the 6th. Please send your query through to communitywatch@bidorbuy.co.za, it will be forwarded to the seller for a reply.


Thank you.

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