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Buyer short paid and doesnt respond.

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I have a buyer who won an item from me on 04 May 2011, this is the item MP3 & MP4 Players - "BLACK" HUGE 8GB New 4TH Generation Chromatic MP3 Player with Video, Radio, Pictures, etc was sold for R240.00 on 4 May at 20:01 by SProducts in Johannesburg (ID:36258336)


The buyer completed checkout which with shipping was supposed to be R275.00. She then pays an amount of R170.00 through cash deposit, about an hour later she pays again R100.00 through cash deposit. The total paid is now R270.00 with cash deposit that has costed me R33.00 already and she even short paid with R5.00. Since then I have sent many emails, no respond, the only respond she sent was about 2 weeks ago when she contested and claimed she paid through ATM. I told her that she must contact Bidorbuy since on the system it shows cash deposit and Bidorbuy has charged me R16.50 for these 2 transactions. She then disappeared and hasnt responded to any of my emails.


Now the problem is the product is running out of stock and also I cant keep the product since its nearly 2 months now and she's not prepared to pay the extra R5.00 plus the R33.00 cash fees and another R16.50 should she pay with cash again.Whatever happens at some point I will have to refund her the money which would have lost its value by then and its not fair using me to keep her money.


I have sent another email requesting her banking details so I refund her minus all the bank fees incurred.

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