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Some questions for the Art Sellers and Artists here

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Hi there,


I have been considering trying to sell some of my artwork on BOB, but before I list anything of that sort, I realize I need to know a lot more about selling art . One of my main questions to the experienced sellers here, is how do you package and ship your mounted work? Are there special flat boxes you buy? Do you use the PO or prefer private couriers, what do you do to ensure no breakage etc?


Also, I've noticed a lot of art listings have market indicative prices. As a graphic designer, I know what my time and work is worth, but a finished painting that has taken months? Maybe more? How do you work out the value of something like that?


I realize I'm asking quite a few questions here, but even if you take the time to answer only one or two, or offer some advice, I'd really appreciate it!


Many thanks,



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Wild Olive Art

Hi Danielle


I mostly sell work off the stretchers for Bidorbuy and then ship the canvas in a tube but I do ship bigger stretched paintings country wide.

I wrap the work in aerothene or bubble wrap then cover it with 2 layers of Corroboard ( protective corrugated cardboard) . I buy the bubble wrap and board in large rolls from packaging wholesalers. I have noted that the galleries I deal with ship the work wrapped in the same way. Unless you are going to be selling big volumes of work , this is quite an expensive packaging option.


There are companies who make boxes for transporting artwork but it's really expensive and unless the art is very large and heavy , it's not worth it.

Smaller works ( under 700Mm in length) I send via the SAPO and the larger paintings I send with Internet Express - which I have found to be very reliable and reasonably priced. I always insure the work against loss and damage and I never ship a painting framed with mount board and glass.


The value of art is unfortunately not worked out on the length of time it has taken you to paint the work. There are many other factors that you need to take into account. i.e How well known is the artist ? Does the work sell in galleries and if so at what price ? How many successful exhibitions has the artist had ? What is the history of past sales ? etc etc


It is virtually unheard of that a " new" artist comes on the scene and is able to sell a comparable work to that of a well known artist at the same or similar price.


The big thing to keep in mind when selling here on Bidorbuy , is that there is a lot of art on offer and at really low prices. The majority of buyers are not serious art collectors , they simply buy what they find visually appealing or they buy to match their decor.


I would suggest that you list a couple of paintings at a price that you would be happy to accept for your work and then keep an eye on how many people view your work or add it to their watch list.


Wishing you all the best !


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