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Celebrity Jewels

Illegal use of rating system

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Celebrity Jewels

Hi All, Bertus and Cuan


You all know me as ex-Gems Direct and now Celebrity Jewels and Celebrity Simulates. I have chosen like many sellers to add discreet listings to their items. I sold an item today and the purchaser has already rated me negative. Below is his comment:

You have received a
rating from
(1) with the comment


i dont trust this supplier due to the fact that none of the ratings are from shown users(all 'DISCREET USERS') which is way too dodge to be trustable


This is a mockery of the rating system and clearly this buyer does not know what he is doing. I have been on Bidorbuy since 2006 and delivered a good service as the team at bidorbuy knows.


What can be done in this case as it is a clear breach of Bidorbuy rating policy. If the guy (new user) did not want to buy then why did he and rate me a few hours later as a dodgy seller. Obviously this will end up with an snc after 7 days but until then I will have to swallow a negative rating that is totally unjust.


Please can community watch and management intervene here as this is clearly unfair.




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If the SNC is found in your favour the negative rating will disappear.

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