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Worl Coin Prices lauched by NGC

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It does appear as the South Africans again missed the boat on an oppertunity.


I received a newsletter from NGC earlier today with the heading


NGC introduces the World Coin Price Guide


Already a number of South African Coins listed here and without doudt will grow day by day as they update the FREE, yes FREE guide.


Have a look by clicking the following link


NGC introduces the World Coin Price Guide

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Not There Yet ........


Hi Jan


I wonder where they get their coin values and minting figures from?


I did a quick check / comparison regarding the ZAR Pennies against NGC, Hern and my own Bid-or-Buy sales stats (for graded coins) over the past 18 months.


In XF Paul Kruger Pennies


1892 Penny


NGC (XF40) = R280

Hern (XF) = R4000

My stats (XF40) = R700


1893 Penny


NGC (XF40)= R840

Hern (XF) = R15000

My stats (XF40)= R2600


1894 Penny


NGC (XF40) = R490

Hern (XF) = R2250

My stats (XF40) = R1000


1898 ZAR Penny


NGC (XF40)= R105

Hern (XF) = R1000

My stats (XF40) = R300


Even more strange is the NGC minting figures for these coins


Penny 1892 = NGC = 83 000 vs Hern = 27 862

Penny 1893 = NGC = 11 000 vs Hern = 54 781

Penny 1894 = NGC = 182 000 vs Hern = 10769

Penny 1898 = NGC = 263 000 vs Hern = 262 830


Strange days indeed?



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Good day all,


I also had a quick look at this last night (only the ZAR coins), and yes, Pierre I agree their information is currently way off.


The NGC prices are way to low comparing to what the coins are actually selling for. However, I would love to be able to buy the coins at their listed prices!! ;-)


The NGC website mentions that: "Created by NGC and Krause Publications’ NumisMaster", so I presume Krause might provide some information to NGC?


However, I am sure that with time these "errors" will be corrected and we should see a more accurate indication of coin values.


Kind Regards


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Do not count on it. Most likely, the values are taken from the US Krause catalog. For pricing, I consider it worthless.


It is simply not economical for NGC or anyone else to provide current prices from actual sales The cost would not be justified.

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