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Cali Craft and Gems

Change in shipping arrangements / times

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Cali Craft and Gems

To all our buyers:


Please take note that as of immediate effect our shipping times have changed.


Due to the large volume of orders and me being alone in the office (without any assistance), this has forced me to change my trips to the post office to ONCE a week only! If things improve, this will be increased to twice a week again - notification will be on the listings under "shipping"!


All speed services and courier parcels get preference over econoparcel / registered mail due to time constraints at the post office (last dispatch is a Thursday so you'll get your parcel before the end of the week!). I will try to get all parcels out as quickly as possible, but the larger (over 20 item) parcels will be packed last. There is an average of a 7 day lead-time on larger parcels, unless things go smoothly and the remainder of the parcels are dispatched quickly.


I am burning myself out at both ends and cannot rush orders through every single day and make a mad dash to the post office, only to be greeted by surly unpleasant staff. I will also be cutting my hours down in the office from 7am - 1am every single day to a more "normal" 9am to 8pm so that I can spend some time with my family (plus to try and regain some strength).


I hope that everybody is understanding of the situation I am in, and I can assure you that the quality of the items and service you will receive from Cali Craft and Gems will never falter! I firmly believe that my customers / buyers come first, thus me seeking the best solution to keep everyone happy and satisfied.


Many thanks in advance,

Janet - Cali Craft and Gems

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