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Can I do a "mass change"?

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I hope someone can help me overcome a problem I have created for myself, I have about 250 CD's currently advertised, they were originally loaded individually and not via a Bulk Upload (due to internet connectivity issues) at the time I foolishly selected the number of "Automatic Relisting" of unsold items at "3", I am now reaching the end of those relists and am facing the daunting task of editing ever single item individually, a real pain on a poor internet connection believe me, I am hoping someone can suggest a way that I can bulk edit those relist options, they all enjoy the same opening and closing dates (if that makes any difference) .....Please help someone otherwise I will soon have to replace my typing finger which gets shorter by the month.

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You can use the picklist for this.

You can choose up to 100 items on the picklist and adjust the relist times at the top and relist.

Just make sure you delete your old listings or you will end up having double listings.


I usually do the following:

Choose those I want on the picklist, I tend to do 50 at a time as that's how many are on a page.

Open the picklist in a separate tab by holding down the CTRL key while clicking on the picklist at the top of the page.

Adjust the timings of your relist in the picklist.

Relist your items and confirm at the bottom of the page.

Close that tab and go back to your items list (the first tab)

Hold CTRL down and click on delete for each listing that was in the picklist (those in red).

Do not refresh your list before doing this as they will disappear.

Each Delete should open in a separate tab, go through the tabs and delete each one.


Once you've done that, you can refresh your listing page (check at the top to see that there is nothing in your picklist - it will show if there is anything - if there is empty it)

Now you can go onto the next set of listings that need to be relisted.


I know this may seem complicated, but if you take it step by step, its really easy.


Good luck :grin:

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