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Name and Shame

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Coin collecting can be fun and rewarding at times. Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there who are so consumed with greed and profit that they are willing to sacrifice a reputation for it. On one occasion have had a coin stolen from me in broad daylight by a so called dealer whilst I was not looking. - takes some guts to do that in my opinion.


Whilst most people "live and let live" there comes a point when enough is enough. Today is that day. Whilst it may not be a serious issue, it needs to be addressed as I do not want to just let it go.




He had offered to close the auction if I had placed a bid of R6,999. I placed a bid, but the auction continued. My question was deleted to cover up the evidence. My latter requests were all ignored and then another bid came in. I was disappointed and my time was wasted. An agreement should be binding. :cry:


(click on the image below to see his response)





This is not how any respected seller should conduct themselves.:evil:

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