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SA Military Policeman 1901-1941, John Whammond

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Hi, I am working on a project about my uncle, a SA Military Policeman - 1901-1941. I have done his biography, reassembled his medals and now working mainly on his cap badges but am interested in shoulder/collar badge when I come across them.


I do not have either Cape Police D2 (1901-1907), or Natal Police (1907-13) hat badge nor shoulder badges.


I have the SA Mounted Rifles - "SAMR" (1913-1915) hat badge but not the shoulder badge.


Not sure if 2SAMR (1919-1926) had a different hat badge from previous.


I have the SA Instructional Corps (SAIC) hat badge (1926-34) but not the shoulder badge - if there is one!


I have the SA Corps of Military Police, then Military Police Corps- SACMP (1939-41) hat badge but not the shoulder badge.


Can you help?


Regards, FH

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