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Scarce Varieties? Definitely not.

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Hello all


Lately, a couple of strange varieties have been listed on BoB, which are simply not varieties.


The first instance is the so-called printed before issue date varieties – most stamps were printed before the date of issue (obviously?).


Then, secondly, I have seen a couple of the RSA SECOND DEFINITIVE control blocks being listed as RARE WITHOUT DATE.


The above two are normally as common as muck.


Please see the attachment or see this listing: Republic of South Africa - Very Scarce proving strip - date in right hand margin. for sale in Johannesburg (ID:37272536)


This item was printed a couple of months before the issue date. The government printed many thousands of these blocks. Also note that the control has no date. Many thousands of these blocks were printed without dates, yet they are sometimes listed on BoB as scarce! The rarity lies in the complete strip that proves that the date was printed on the right hand side.


Please proceed very carefully when you buy date “errors”!





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