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Beware accepting credit card via BOB and paypal

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HI this is just a warning to all sellers using the credit card facility via bid or buy and paypal , if you do be prepared to loose money when fraud is committed and to get absolutely no help from bid or buy , this has happened a few times now and i will never ever accept credit cards with BOB again , i started using paypal thinking it was safe but no , what do you know i was contacted 7 days after transaction was done just with a short little email almost no words that i must not deal with the buyer might be fraudulent , but goods was gone already. And it seems in SA paypal does not protect the seller although they stated on paypal account that its ok to ship goods. And when i try to get some help and info from bid or buy support i just keep on getting delayed responeses with a hint of an " we dont care attitude your problem" not the first time though . i would really like to communicate with whoever is in charge of the BOB support and security .!


On a previuous occcassion i also accepted credit card through BOB and all was good they even paid out my funds , then almost a month later they realised only it was fraudulent and had the nerve to deduct the funds from my account so another los.



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Hi digitalgr8ness,


I will bring this under Cuan's attention. I am sure he will get into touch with you as soon as possible this coming week.


Have a lovely long weekend. :wink:





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Dear Ryan


Whilst this is regrettable and unfortunate, the bobPay credit card terms are clear about you assuming the risk of accepting the credit card transaction (which can be reversed at a later stage). With any online credit card payment, there is an element of risk, primarily because the cardholder is never present nor is the sales voucher signed by the cardholder as in the real world. Whilst we do try to prevent such incidents from occurring, it simply is not guaranteed that it won't happen, that is why the same happens on paypal. A legitimate cardholder has the ability to dispute a charge on their card up to 180 days from date of use, if the card was not used with their consent or authority. If a card or card number is stolen and has not been reported as stolen by the cardholder (they are often unaware of the theft until some time later), which is often the case, there is no way of knowing this, until such time as we receive a charge back from the bank. The amount is then deducted from you as per our terms of use. The use of bobPay is entirely optional, but you do unfortunately assume the risk and liability in the event something like this happens. Please see the excerpt from our bobPay terms:


Risk of Reversal of bobPay Credit Card And bobPay EFT Transactions


When you receive a payment through the bobPay Credit Card service, you have a choice of accepting it or rejecting it. If you choose to accept it you are not protected against a subsequent reversal of the transaction. In the event that the sender's transaction is reversed for any reason you will owe bidorbuy for the amount of the reversed transaction plus any fees imposed on bidorbuy as a result of the reversal. Examples of such a reversal include, but are not limited to, a credit card reversal by the sender of the payment and a reversal of the transaction because the sender of the payment was using a stolen credit card or unauthorised bank account.


In the unlikely event that a bobPay EFT transaction is reversed by a bank for whatever reason, you will owe bidorbuy for the amount of the reversed transaction plus any fees imposed on bidorbuy as a result of the reversal.


bidorbuy will seek to recover the funds from you by debiting your bidorbuy account balance and, if there are not sufficient funds in your bidorbuy account, bidorbuy reserves the right to collect your debt to bidorbuy by any other legal means.


Again, this is regrettable and we do apologise for any inconvenience caused,



Kind regards


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