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brands online

Reducing SNC's

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brands online

I need some help please fellow sellers. I currently sell between 1400 and 1800 items every 3 months. I also file and complete between 110 and 150 SNC's every 3 months! Is this percentage about right when compared to other sellers out there? Also, is there a way to reduce this amount? Currently, I send out a reminder email about 5 days after purchase for non-payment (even though we state 48 hours for payment) and file the SNC's after the allotted 7 days have passed. Is there anyhting else I could/should be doing perhaps? Currently I have 110 SNC's completed int he last 3 months of which maybe 5 were retracted and 19 SNC's pending...:sad:


Any advice is always appreciated...Thanks

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RAG Auctioneers

Hi Brands Online.


According to your stats, 8% of your items get SNCed.


Here are our stats:


1500 items sold in the last 3 months.

39 SNCs in the last 3 months.


According to our figures, 2.6% of our items get SNCed.


Our reminder process is very similar to yours.

We do also send out an email to every buyer after auction ends.


Maybe it is based on luck?

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