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What am i doing wrong??

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Hi i am AppleBerry a Verified BOB user since October 2006

I started on Bidorbuy as a buyer but in the past year i have been selling and my sales have been good enough to now do this full time but i am posting this thread out of frustration with some Buyers out there.

AppleBerry Terms & Conditions


  1. I am a verified seller of upto R3000.
  2. All my items listed are in stock (South Africa) and ready to ship (NO DROPSHIPPING).
  3. My shipping charges are some of the most reasonable priced options with Bundle shipping available on all items and i do postage from Mon-Sat.
  4. My average response to questions asked is 5 minutes between the hours of 8am - 10pm.

The following gets me hot under the collar.


  1. On my T&C it clearly states that the potential Buyer must please read before placing their order but this is not being done.
  2. I explain to the buyer that every time an order is place the seller is charged a fee, so the buyer must make sure that they intend completing their purchase but in the past 3 months i have filed close to 20 SNC's for non payment.
  3. My required time for payment is 48 hours and if a buyer is having problems with their banking they should contact me, but this does not happen and all my communication to the buyer gets ignored. I have had a few buyers who ignore all my emails until i file and SNC and then they immediately reply with some excuse and saying they want to complete the purchase when the item has already been relisted. I even had a buyer who responded to my SNC stating that I THE SELLER should have made more of an effort to contact them and providing me with a cell number that was not under their details even though i sent them 3 emails before filing the SNC.
  4. All shipping costs are explained as well but i still get buyers who place order and make payment without calculating shipping charges and their excuse is i did not see it.

This post is not to stop potential Buyers from buying from me but to rather advise them how a few mistakes can interrupt a system and cost the Seller time and in some cases a little money.

I do acknowledge that there are many Sellers out here that want to take Honest peoples hard earn money but Bidorbuy is such an easy convenient place to shop.

There are NO:


  1. Driving a million miles to a shop.
  2. Trying to find parking.
  3. Busy shopping centres.
  4. Bad service from the Sales staff who think you are there to waste their time.
  5. Long queues to pay.

All the Buyer has to do is READ before placing their order.


Thanks you


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Vinyl Lady Decals

Hi Appleberry


You are not alone in your frustrations -all sellers are having the same frustrations and it comes down to buyers just not reading - I have almost 50 SNC's for the last few months. I also give three reminders before filing an SNC and in many cases, that's the first time I hear from a buyer and then they have all sorts of stories and now suddenly want to pay.



My policy is, I don't withdraw SNC's as there is the possibility for revenge ratings (for filing the SNC).

I feel that my emails and reminders are more than clear, nevermind the listing which is just as clear, but I do think that some users on BoB are playing the fool - many don't seem to know or care that they are dealing with real people, not machines.


So, no, I think you're doing exactly the right thing, it's as if the quality of buyer on BoB has dropped in general.


AS they say you can bring a horse to water - but you can't make it drink - same with buyer's reading, we can't force them.

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You did nothing wrong, there's just more and more blind and ignorant people shopping online than ever...


I personally encountered LOTS, and i mean LOTS of customers getting all "clever" as to check out & pay altering my shipping costs and all that. One customer of mine even told me after I filed SNC, that she/he can only afford to pay in two months time...


I'd suggest you to lay out your conditions in a more clear way since I checked out yours, and its a lot of small writings. It kinda makes it difficult to read thus people click buttoms before reading it carefully...

This is how I do mine with lots of colous and bold writings...


Shoes - **GENUINE LEATHER** LAKILINE LADIES HEEL ANKEL STRAP (3 colours) for sale in Bloemfontein (ID:35625659)


another thing is, that you should specify shipping costs in the desnated column since as a buyer, that's the place where I check for shipping costs.

If you only specify it in the description, you might risk the buyer overlooking it and also when they check out, it doesnt show the costs they have to add in unless you put it that shipping costs column...


Hope you find the advises useful, I as a seller to this site never get tired suprising myself with the extend of stupidity from the buyers... they are reallly realllllyyy, um, really confused.:cool:

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