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CPA and cancelation of Bid

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The Consumer Protection Act specify that you may cancel a bid before the bid is closed. It is not allowed here. The bid can only be canceled if the seller agrees. That is against the act. I want to cancel a bid, but the seller refused to cancel my bid. I left several messages for him but he ignores my requests. If I don't pay and don't take up the offer I will be givin a bad rating, but in the meantime I have the right to cancel. What are you as BidorBuy going to do in a situation like this?


Section 45(3) of the act:

(3)A sale by auction is complete when the auctioneer announces its completion by the fall of the hammer, or in any other customary manner, and until that announcement is made, a bid may be retracted. Please reply at your soonest.

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