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Are [moneywolves] for real? What is this guy doing?

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I saw a Samsung Star that's network locked on Cell C, for a cheap R250 starting. On the 23rd of March I asked the guy what the condition is. He replied within 30 mins. with the answer.


Yet when I asked him on 29 March what shipping would be, he delayed his answer by 6 days until today, just to tell me it is R300 from JHB to PTA! In the meanwhile, the item had closed on the following day (the 30th). I had opened the bid, and nobody else wanted to bid coz his bid increment is R1500! Crazy.


So after I had won it, I sent him various e-mails and SMS's until he has given me the R300 amount today. Even PostNet is about R120 for that weight. I am not stupid. Any comments please?

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