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Everybody please beware of lux-24.com


Well known scam artist offering beautiful Rolex watches at tempting prices


Copy & paste this link in your browser and see how many people have been conned & losing $2000 - $5000!




Here are some testimonies



1. Written by Ahmed Shawki, on 25-03-2011 18:52


I was scammed by those internet thieves. I lost US$2100, and never heard from Authentic Rolex watches for sale - Lux-24.com. They should be stopped. Their web site is still on and they are scamming more victims. Be careful not to deal with them, and if you are scammed by them you should file a report about them to the FBI IC3 for the internet criminal fight center.



2. Written by dennis c, on 15-03-2011 12:56


gosh,,, you guys are great! i was just inquiring about a men's presidential and of course i was a little skeptical when the price was really low and there was no contact number. i would have lost 5,000 but thanks to you guys...i don't have to go through the pain and agony of trying to retrieve my money back.



3. Written by Shawky Ghanem, on 10-03-2011 06:16


Be careful. Authentic Rolex watches for sale - Lux-24.com are true fraud firm on the net. They will steal your money and you will never hear from them after that. They put fake false positive consumers comments on the net, but these are deliberately false statements. Lux-24.com are liars and are true thieves. Be careful.



4. Written by benjamin chiu, on 02-03-2011 20:44


watch out this *** hole is fake,the moran has two web sites he is not real! u will get scamed, please don't deal with the guy.



5. Written by Nurburg2006, on 02-03-2011 03:41


I got caugh out from these people. I spent $1750 and every time I sent a email no reply, and when they did the money was already left my account and they said it wasn't in there's. I've tried to get th money back but no joy. Stay well away from these people. They work under different names lux-24 and watch network. Aaron Cohan was his name but I guess they have many different made up names.



6. Written by Glad I googled 'review http://, on 19-02-2011 18:19


Price looked really good. So I wad suspicious and found this forum. Thanks.



7. Written by Yasser Ahmed, on 10-02-2011 01:10


Really, They are thieves on the net. I received no replay to my email, no answer from them and no watch delivered nor money refund after I paid US$ 2180. Be careful, do not deal with them because they are real criminals. I have reported my case to the FBI, and to the consumer protection agencies, and I expect the FBI will be at the front door or the back door of those web criminals. Anyone who has any information about Lux-24.com kindly provide it to the FBI online to help catching those people, and might returning the stolen money to all deceived buyers.



8. Written by Sam, on 25-01-2011 14:25


That's right, all their pics are highjacked from the Topnotch site, which by the way is very respectable ( but pricey at times ). Sorry to hear our Danish friend got robbed for nearly 3 grand, know how it feels. I was sick to my stomach when I realised I had no option but to write off $4960. I'll never do anything *** like that again, all the warnings were there and I ignored them all. Since then I've joined Rolex Forums,and they seem to be a good bunch of people. At least if you find a watch you want, you can ask the others if they know if the seller is trust worthy. Never the less in general one has to be carefull anyweay.

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