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Firstly, if this has been previously addressed and I missed it, please accept my apologies and kindly direct me to the posting.


I often offer multiples of dropship items and I am hoping 'bald is beautiful' :wink: 'cause I am down to just a few hairs left. In Crazy Wednesday and Snap Friday Auctions, both last and previously, buyers bid / won ALL six and now are not wanting to remit payment because they didn't realize they had to pay shipping (I am going to fly to SA like a litte bird and drop it in their lap) and aren't prepared to pay nominal insurance (so many 'fingers in the pot with USPS and / or UPS and SAPO or Courierit, not taking into consideration there is a lot of land and sea between the US and SA).


There is a place to set minimum per buyer, is there not a way a Seller can set a maximum per buyer? Or, is there a 'spot' and I am just missing it? If there isn't a 'spot', is this something BoB might consider adding?



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