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Unique BUT well documented token coins listed for sale on BoB

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I am selling a few more of my gems collected over more than thirty years. It is time I started letting bits of my collection go as I am not getting any younger and I now want others to share the joy that I have had in being the passing custodian of such special coins.


The coins or sale include two unique pieces listed in Hern's Token catalogue (the Creighton & Dennis 1/- and St Faiths 6d). The other pieces are extremely rare unholed Strachan coins.


Follow the links below to view some of my coins for sale..


The unique St Faiths 6d with a free copy of "Galloping Jack".

Creighton and Dennis Shilling (unique)

one of the unholed Strachan and Co pieces: 3d set four unholed

Kind regards


Scott Balson

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Hello Scott,


I wish I could afford to buy some of your tokens but money is short at the moment. Please see my Thread on the "Diamond House Kimberly tokens" and see if you have the time to give me some advice. I was lucky to obtain this token from England and would like to know if the R8 scale it enjoys, is in fact between 5 and 10 tokens in the world is true and what you think the value is. There are also some photos of the token for you to give me an idea of its grade "I hope".


Many Thanks


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