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Coin rotated inside slab - solution

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Hello all,


I was rather irritated with a certain valuable ZAR halfcrown in my collection which over the years has been quietly turning inside the PCGS slab with Oom Paul facing 90 degrees from the verical. I have noticed other coins with the same problem over the years - an MS62 Sammy Marks Tickey offered on Bob four years ago had the coin sitting at 180 degrees to the front. Some coins have even come back from grading and are already not straight !


Now this coin is not for sale but I really would feel much happier if Oom Paul would lie head up in the slab.


I realised that the turning has happened because of very small play between the coin and the inside holder of the capsule - a few quick knocks did nothing to rectify and because the process happened so slowly, I thought the correction would not be quick.


I simply took the coin on a long 200 Km boring drive to Durban and tapped the lower corner of the slab on the rubber steering wheel of my car repeatedly on the way to some Irish Music , checking every so often and after half the trip, the coin had done the 270 degree turn to upright.


My only regret is that I did not take a before and after photograph.


NGC capsules have the same issue at times.


Keep well



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Third Boer War?


So, Oom Paul stood up to the Irish again on his way to the Natal front?




Thanks for the tip Georg.

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Thanks for a little humor Pierre, can do with it.


I received slabbed coins from NGC like this, perhaps moved in the mail.




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