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Our Chat forum... READ BEFORE POSTING...

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As you all know, some members are new to the BoB "chat forum" and in fact, are new to "chatting" on the Internet. This forum is not the run of the mill "chat room" one finds on the Internet. It was set up primarily for BoBers who sell and buy to have a quick chat about a specific topic. We have allowed BoBers to step over the line and chat about just about anything. For some light-hearted banter, and to show that BoBers have a sense of humour, we have allowed the "jokes topic", but this is an exception to the rule.


What is a FORUM?


The BoB Forum consists of a number of forums. One may start a new "topic/thread"in any of the forums. The topic/thread may consist of a number of "posts".


Here is some information copied from wikipedia.com:


Forums differ from chat rooms and instant messaging because forum participants do not have to be on-line at the same time; forums also usually deal with one topic and personal exchanges are typically discouraged. Participants in Internet forums should realise that what they have to say will be public knowledge for years to come.


Western-style forum software places a heavy amount of emphasis on identity, with user registration, custom titles and avatars being standard features. This makes the tone of discussion very different from the more anonymous 2channel style boards; the burdens of status and persona encourage, alternately, highly formal discourse and close personal relationships.


With this in mind, here are rules that are going to be enforced on the CHAT FORUM in the future.


1. Topics should be "topical" - i.e., new and interesting - no "grave-digging" (digging up old topics). This is not an Agony Aunt column. No personal problem post will be tolerated. No discussions/jokes about religion or politics will be allowed. Even the slightest insinuation in this direction will not be allowed.


2. Posts should "sweet, to the point and short".


3. No spamming - i.e., placing an irrelevant post in the thread.


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