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You may put your contact details.



The bidorbuy Classifieds section is similar to Classifieds in newspapers. The seller advertises his/her product and waits for a response from prospective buyers. The Classified format is advisable for items that need high involvement from the buyers and sellers, such as cars and houses.


When you list an item in the Classifieds format, buyers can instantly respond to your contact details to get in touch with you. It is then up to you two to arrange an inspection and close the deal.


The maximum duration of a Classifieds listing is 32 days.

bidorbuy charges a once off upfront fee for every listing in the Classified section called a listing fee. Currently, a listing in the property category entails a R100 fee, while the listings in other categories - Cars, Boats and Services – are charged at R50 per listing. That fee is payable whether the item sells or not. For that fee, your item remains on the site for up to 32 days.


There is no success fee for items sold through the Classifieds format.





Listing Fees Rate Card (including Classifieds)





Sellers need to pay a fee for each item that they list in certain categories, even if the item does not result in a sale. To list in all other categories is FREE.

CategoriesListing FeeProperty

  • R100.00 No Success Fee Charged

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