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Shipping cost, product class

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Im about to put up my first items that i would like to sell however im abit confused as to the product class. Shipping.

because im only gonna be selling earrings. This is what ive got


under 2kgs

shipped from cape town

shipped via SAPO with at tracking number and shipping costs are



bank charges is R16.50 and im only using Cash/direct deposits at the moment.


can any admin please help me put all this in the right place.



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Will try and help you: Go into shipping charges.

Click on Create a shipping Method: And name the method Such as Ordinary post, Ordinary with Insurance, Speed Services and Speed services with Insurance

now Click on Create a product class:

and Name and Fill in the details such as Under a Kg, large Parcel or whatever


Set the most common product class as your default.


Hope this helps

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