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Cali Craft and Gems

More excessive postage

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You've got a good welcome, Arlene! That's for sure! And the very fact that you cared enough to reply to all our posts means you are caring! Thank you.


May your sales on BoB be good and all your ratings positive!

And so say all of us! Welcome Arlene and hope that your sales go from strength to strength.


This forum is a really useful place to find out how to improve shipping and other costs and the traders on the forum are REALLY helpful (as well as making BoB into a safer environment for buyers and sellers alike).


Thought this was about to turn into a popcorn and coke saga but am thrilled to see that it has been resolved amicably!

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Cali Craft and Gems

Please excuse my late "arrival" this morning... overslept! *yawn*


Re Arlene, etc.


Firstly, I do not appreciate the tone and accusations made in her first post. The postage issue was highlighted for several reasons, including that it is against the rules and BoB policies. Nothing personal so the personal attack on me is most certainly NOT appreciated!


Secondly, take a page out of the good BoB sellers and look at their postage setup. You can set the postage per each individual listing - not just as a general amount whether the item weighs a few grams to a few kilograms. (some of my parcels are so light that they do not even register on the SAPO scale!)


If you send the package via Econoparcel (green PE sticker), then you can jam-pack the parcel up to 1kg - SAPO cost excluding insurance is R18.15 as long as the dimensions are below 458mm x 324mm x 100mm. If the parcel exceeds these dimensions, or is heavier than 1kg, then the cost is R30.20 for the first kg, and R4.05 per kg or part thereof.


Speed services often run specials on their bags and 1kg labels - no specials at the moment so the price (in PE) is around R56 per bag. If the package is "flat" enough, you can get away with using the document pack which is currently R52.16 postage and R3 for the "envelope" (up to 500g only).


Granted you should add in for your "extras" (ie, petrol, parking fees, stationery, wages, other overheads, etc) so your additional amount should be an average cost. Our postage costs have remained the same for the past 4 years - we've absorbed the SAPO increases by keeping our other costs as low as possible.


An alternative to your postage (which will usually draw the buyers in too), is as Lily suggested - a small combining fee.


Sometimes you lose on postage (my beading / incense customers often hit over the 1kg mark and I do not charge them extra) - but most of the time your postage received covers these "small losses" at the end of the day.


The two main things therefore are:

1) don't be greedy

2) be "attractive" to potential buyers


I would not be where I am today by "greed" - it's taken a long time and a lot of hard work to earn the reputation I have! We all started at the bottom of the ladder and those who post on the forum the most often are not there to "complain" (as you claimed), but to help where possible.


PS. and if a customer does overpay on postage, offer a credit against a future purchase! Treat your buyers like you would like to be treated if you were the one buying!

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Janet, I think this matter has been settled and there is no need to carry on about this.


Thank you, thread closed

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