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Office 2010 Professional - A legal copy will cost over R3000.00

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There are people selling Microsoft Office 2010 Professional for far less than R3000.00. These are not genuine products! They may even show you the COA (Certificate of Authenticity) labels (That means nothing as counterfeiting is so realistic, most people will not be able to tell the difference)


The Official software distributors in South Africa are selling MS Office 2010 Pro for more than R3000.00 ex Vat to software resellers (who still need to add a markup) That means if you are paying anything less than R3000.00 for the product, IT IS NOT GENUINE!


Some people say they import it and that is why it is cheap. WRONG, this is termed as as Grey Market product. It is illegal.Your software is not genuine.


So how come you get a product key that you can activate. Easy, anyone can browse the net, there are plenty hacks! No rocket science here.


In addition, all companies outside the borders of South Africa, who are trying to sell you any Microsoft product, is doing so illegaly. Microsoft clearly states, that no one is allowed to sell their software outside of the borders unless you have an office in the country that you are selling in.


So who am I pointing fingers at?


Well anyone selling Office Pro below R3000.00. You know who you are!


How am I so sure about what I am saying! I am a Microsoft Licensing Specialist and know what products cost at LEGAL distribution level!

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