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Enchanted Show Cases

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To Whom this may concern,


I am selling Fairy Showcases/nightlights and Fairy garden candle holders


Fairy Show Cases R250


Approximate size of each show case: Height – 270mm

Width – 360mm

Depth – 115mm


Each show case is individually handmade by husband and wife team.

Boxes are made of super wood and frames of meranti which are given a number of coats and sealer.

The Showcases can be placed on a table or hung on a wall.

Each piece is unique, thus prospective buyers would be assured of no-one having a duplicate of theirs.

The backgrounds used in the boxes are printed by a lazer printer. Prints will never fade so the purchaser is guaranteed to enjoy many hours of pleasure while displaying their fairy showcase.


These Showcases will intrigue and delight people of all ages, race or culture and allow them to peek into another world and be mesmerized; even if it’s just for a little while.


Fairy garden candle holders R85.00


Approximate size of each garden: Width – 200mm

Length – 160mm


These delightful, beautifully made gardens are aimed to please. The existing candles can be replaced with scented candles, coloured candles, etc.


You can take a look at our products under Art - Art other - Enchanted Show Cases/Enchanted Candle Holders







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Angolo Antico

Hi andreacooper,


Please post a link to your products, this will make it very easy for other forum members to view your items.


All you need to do is copy your profile page link, browse in IE to your profile page ( find it on top of Internet Explorer, in the address bar ) and paste into your post with http:// infront and closing the link with this will create a link to your profile page, then all members can go and view your tiems by just clicking on the link.


hope this helps. :D



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