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Not Committing Due to False Advertising!

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T.C.    10

How could youget a SNC filed against you if you bidded on a item yet its advertised Falsed.


Im sure I asked this before but cannot find the topic. If you bid R5 for a item thats advertise with pics and its only worth R0.05 and doesnt even look like the pic what can one do? :twisted:


Then BOB files a SNC and tells you they do it for the seller so that the d@@s doesnt have to pay???


Power Supplies - ==> (Last 1)** WITH ALL THE BELLS & WHISTLES!!** 450 WATT MONSTER PSU!! (^^,) was sold for R255.00 on 11 Aug at 23:46 by ClickandShip in Zeerust (ID:24790341)



SNC Appeal Note:How can you advertise a Corsair PSU and then say its a cheapo one that I bidded on I have also asked you the following question:

Question 11 Aug 2010 19:05


Update Question Could you tell me whats the Amps at 12 voltThanks




UPDATED: 11 Aug 19:07 Could you tell me whats the Amps at 12 volt and the Make ModelThanks




You DID NOT RESPOND so I then asked you to remove my bid:


Question11 Aug 2010 22:13 Update Question Please delete my bid as I wanted a corsairThank You STILL NO RESPONSE


!!!!!!Then I emailed you



You are a fraud to advertise on item and then sell another cheap PSU thats market priced at R120.00 and you want me to pay R255.00.

What can I do to clear my name as BOB staff will not help me?

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admin    0

Hi T.C.,


bidorbuy does not file the SNC, the seller does this to get their listing fees back. This SNC was 5 months back and you were found at fault with the evidence provided.


Please mind your language and adhere to the forum rules : http://forum.bidorbuy.co.za/forum-rules-information/3205-forum-posting-rules-please-read.html


Thread locked.


Thank you.

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