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Angolo Antico

Buyers like this makes it worth while to invest in some form of Ammo

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Angolo Antico

The buyer ( no username included )


currently has 5 ratings

69.23% positive ratings

Located in Johannesburg


The buyer bought 2 items from us, we waited over 5 days for payment, payment was made via Cash Deposit ( fee of R17.75 applies for cash deposits ) we send an email thanking the buyer fo rthe payment received, but the cash deposit fees were not paid for, and this is the responses we get from the buyer ( emails sent this past 2 days )


I really don't mind loosing this person as a client with the current ratings & attitute his got!


Please read the emails from bottom to top :





well i have purchased several items from one seller and was not charged banking fees for each and every item. Will make the payment,

but wont recommend anyone I know to purchase from you again.



On Tue, Feb 1, 2011 at 5:10 PM, MK Jewels wrote:


banking fees are explained and visible on each of our listings, this info is viewable before bidding, thank you.



Kind regards,



Sent: 01 February 2011 04:45 PM

To: MK Jewels

Subject: Re: Order Number 354xxxx and Order Number 354xxxx


Hi, cant understand why i have to pay double for banking fees, but will make a deposit of R34.54 tomorrow, as I deposited R100.00 today. I should have deposited R99.04

as per your email below. Some courtesy to remind me about the cash deposit fee would have been appreciated. Anyway I know better next time, if there is one.



On Tue, Feb 1, 2011 at 3:51 PM, MK Jewels wrote:



Thank you for your payment, but banking fees for Cash Deposits was not included, this fee is R17.75, this amount must be paid

before we can release your order, if you can do an internet bank payment ( EFT ) then the amount is R17.75, if you need to do another

cash deposit the amount will be R 35.50.

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Cali Craft and Gems

I had a ridiculously stubborn buyer last week - I was initially pleased that the SNC was ruled in my favour and that the negative rating issued was shown on his profile as a warning to other sellers, but for some reason or another BoB changed this and the negative disappeared. This buyer will only turn to another seller to harrass them instead - why could BoB not forsee this?


When I first contacted BoB regarding this buyer and the "delicious" English that he was using, it was agreed that his account should be blacklisted as BoB does not need users like him. (Since when is a sentence to a seller with about 6 f-words acceptable behaviour? This over and above the buyer demanding that the shipping terms be changed to suit him!)


I'm losing faith in BoB - big time!

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every seller has their own rules, and they are generally stated clearly. i know it's a tactic to say "well why should i buy from you when i can buy elsewhere without fees?" if the info is stated and the buyer doesn't read it then i'm sorry to say it's their problem. if they don't want to pay the fees then they shouldn't buy.

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